Glass Room Booking

You can book the glass room online. The room is free of charge, you'll only have to pay for whatever you take: coffee, homemade cakes, sandwiches, salads or our succulent soups!

  • Accommodates up to 15 people using the bench and the meeting table.

  • Equipped with a 50" TV screen. Stream from your Mac (with Airplay) or from your Windows PC (Windows Display Adapter available), your smartphone or tablet.

  • Access to our super Wifi is included.

Important notice: the booking module allows to book one hour at a time. So for muutiple hours, you should book individually each of the hours.

Starting Novembre 1st 2019, each person will have to choose among the following formulas of consumptions:

Option 1: Unlimited Coffee/Tea/Cakes:

     Tarif[One_Hour_Thirty]    = $7.00

     Tarif[Three_Hours]        = $11.00

     Tarif[Five_Hours]         = $13.00

     Tarif[Day]                = $15.00

Option 2: Unlimited Coffee/Tea/Cakes + Combo lunch:

     Tarif[Day_with_Lunch]     = $21.00


Option 3: Combo lunch - Three Hours:

     Tarif[Three_Hours_Lunch]  = $11.00 

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